Company Background

Mohit Paper Mills Limited (The “Company”) having its Registered Office at 15/A13, Upper Ground Floor, East Patel Nagar was incorporated on 30th June, 1992 as a Public Limited Company under Companies Act, 1956 and got the certificate of commencement of business on 30th September,1992. The Board of Directors got listed the equity share of the Company on BSE on 16.05.1995.

The Company was promoted by Mr. Sandeep Jain and Family having vast experience to manufacture various grades of writing and printing paper and tissue paper. The Company having manufacturing unit at 9km stone, Nagina road, Bijnor, UP- 246701, basically the Company is agro based Company meaning that Company used agro product for manufacturing the final product i.e. paper like Bagasse and other agriculture waste product which are abundantly available in the vicinity of the manufacturing unit.

The Company have also installed Chemical Recovery Plant which recovers caustic soda and produces a soda ash which is also a saleable bye product. Mohit Paper Mills Limited have also installed Effluent Treatment Plant for the purpose of Pollution Control and Water Management. It have a captive power plant which cater the needs of power of the whole factory. Presently it is manufacturing around 60-65 TPD Paper and it always seeking opportunities for increasing its production.


  1. Mr. SANDEEP JAIN (Managing Director)
  2. Mrs. ANJU JAIN (Non-Executive Director)
  3. Mrs. SHUBHAI JAIN (Non-Executive Director)
  4. Mr. MOHIT JAIN (Non-Executive Director)
  5. Mr. PRADEEP KUMAR RAJPUT (Whole Time Director)
  6. Mr. SANJEEV KUMAR JAIN (Non-Executive Independent Director)
  7. Mr. SUSHIL KUMAR TYAGI (Non-Executive Independent Director)
  8. Mr. RACHIT JAIN (Non-Executive Independent Director)
  9. Mr. SOURABH MATHUR (Non-Executive Independent Director)
  10. Mr. RAKESH JUYAL (Non-Executive Independent Director)